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Airport Views 1945 - 1970

I received this picture from the son of Lt. John S. Blyth. My special thanks to Scott Blyth.

Photo was taken July 19, 1944 by a Spitfire MK XI of the 14th Squadron of the 7th PRG.
Pilot was Lt John S Blyth and altitude was approximately 30,000ft.
Here is a link to a trailer about the pilot.

                  Lt John S Blyth 22nd Squadron 7th Photo Group
Left lower Bottom to top right corner is ± Northerly heading.
The airfield is squeezed between E40 (East-West Highway Brussels - Ostend) Main road Gent - Kortrijk, Ringvaart canal and railway Ghent - Kortrijk.
Two grass runways  05 - 23  &  03 - 21
This picture must have been taken between 1937 (Beginning of the construction of highway E40)  and 1940 (Inauguration of the highway)
Remark the original location of the air terminal at the extreme south side of the field
This picture was taken at the original airport terminal location
Hangars in the back are the later GABCO building
From left to right;
Freddy Van Geluwe (sitting) Kid, probably Guy Gildemyn ??, (?) Staand, Marc HERRY (standing)
Other persons unknown, can anybody help?
      Landside entrance
      Picture courtesy Laurent Claeys.
                      View from the Bar/Restaurant "DERBY"
                      View on terrace restaurant/Bar "DERBY from the terminal.
        Picture courtesy Laurent Claeys.

      "De Schepper" (deputy Airport commander) with Remy Van Brussel.
              Kommandat KINTS
        Picture courtesy Laurent Claeys.

        21/01/2012 received following information from Raymand De Clercq;

        De rechtse persoon heet- Jules Vlerick- en woonde in Eke en deed dienst als commandant.
        De linkse persoon was overgeplaatst van Oostende naar SDW en woonde in St. Denijs-Westrem, zijn naam ben ik vergeten.

        24/01/2015 Received following information from Geert KINT

        Die linkse persoon was Marcel Bogaert. Hij begon zijn loopbaan als verkeersleider in SDW en werd daarna overgeplaatst naar Oostende. Daar werd hij chef-controle op de nadering "den approche" zoals hij mij vertelde. Helaas, op 9 mei 1972 is hij in Oostende plots overleden op 45jarige leeftijd, na zijn dagtaak.  Ik was toen 11 jaar en was mijn grote vriend kwijt.
Marcel woonde in Merelbeke.

Geert KINT
                Beautiful picture of the gtass airfield SDW 
                      Approach on RWY 03
                    Primarily works for the construction of the new terminal building. 
                  New terminal partly visible behind shabby and neglected old terminal.
Airport Views 1945 - 1970

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